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Newest HostGator Coupon Codes for January 2015
(Reseller, VPS, & Shared)
The gold standard when it comes to hosting has been Hostgator for years and with these Hostgator promo codes for January 2015 you can get hosting from a top provider at a big discount. All of these promo codes are working for the month of January, take advantage while they last! This will work as a VPS promo code, or Reselling.

Coupon: “Jan25Percent
This coupon will get you 25% off any hosting plan for the month of January.

Coupon: “1CentMonthNow
With this coupon you will only pay one cent for your first month of hosting on the baby or hatchling plans.

With this code you will get a discount of 25% on the Reseller plan.

These are currently the best discount codes available for HostGator. Out of all the coupons listed above, the coupon “25PercentAway” is the best and most valuable hostgator promo code because it can save you a large amount of money when choosing to pay for a long term hosting plan in advance, such as 1 or 2 years. The longer the billing cycle the bigger the amount you save. 

Where to Enter These Coupon Codes?

Check out the screenshot below for a visual on how to enter the code you pick:

HostGator coupon (1)

Hostgator promo code

Choose your billing cycle, then once you have entered your desired hostgator coupon codes, you can click the “Create Account”  button.

After that, All the best with your new HostGator web hosting package! Or if you are getting a reseller package, you’ll still love it!  Trust me, you’ll love HostGator as a web host as they are one of the most dependable hosting providers out there. There is currently no 50 off coupon, but 25 percent is still pretty good!

I have personally had over 20 web hosting providers over a span of four years and Hostgator stands out like a diamond, compared to the other providers out there. Their customer service standards are uncomparable and the quality of their servers is unbeatable. They have great uptime, and fast speeds. But most of all, their popularity comes from their customer service. Hostgator attributes their success to the putting their customers ahead of everything else.

They also do not hesitate to invest in new resources to ensure their end-users are happy. Recently they set up a new support system for tech support chat. I have witnessed them on a forum conversation with a customer where they disclosed that they are hiring human resources beyond what they need just so that they can ensure they meet the demands of answering customer tickets and replying to customers on their online chat support – Most web hosts live chat agents will just send you step by step instructions on how to do things yourself, instead of working through it with you or doing it for you like HostGator would. This is unheard of in the hosting industry and it shows why people continue to recommend them as a host around the internet.

So anywho, go ahead and make use of the Hostgator coupon codes that are offered on this site and sign-up with a real provider who actually cares about you and your website. If you have any questions, just use our contact form on the site here. Or if you just want to learn more about hostgator features, see here

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